Donna Williams

Donna has had a lifelong passion for health, fitness, and education. Originally from California in the U.S., it took her a while to decide what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her first job was at a gym as a front desk clerk. After college, she managed a weight loss center, then counseled drug addicts, and was a college professor, teaching nutrition and psychology courses. She eventually became a school teacher, where most of the people she spends her time with are shorter than she is. When she’s not at the gym, she is teaching at San Juan del Sur Day School.

She is an avid runner, completing 12 marathons and dozens of half-marathons. If you catch her in a bad mood, she probably didn’t get her run in that day or needs to be fed.

Loving change and new scenery, she moved to SJdS from Hawai‘i. She has severe allergies to cold weather and country music, and lives off fresh produce and beans, so Nicaragua was a perfect choice.

“I love living in SJdS. Everyone is laid back and friendly, and our family has been searching for this pace of life. Being in the gym and seeing the community come together to become healthier truly makes me happy.”