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Class Schedule

See our class descriptions below the schedule.  Check back each month for new classes and times!

Yoga Sculpt – This isn’t your traditional yoga! Get ready to sweat and work your muscles in the most zen way possible. Corinne incorporates a mixture of weights and cardio to maximize your workout. Upbeat music will keep you motivated and want to nama-stay for more!

Crossfit – Regular attendance at these high intensity interval training classes will work all the muscles in your body, including those you didn’t know you had! Justin and Arlen will get your heart rate going and keep you moving with a variety of workouts. They can scale the workouts for any fitness level, from beginner strength training to advanced techniques in barbells and Olympic weightlifting. Bring a friend and challenge each other to be the fittest and sweatiest people in the gym!

Boot Camp – Need an early morning fitness class to get you going? A good old ass whoopin’ after work to work those muscles? Come check out our morning and afternoon strength & stretch boot camp with Lesly! Sweating guaranteed!

Intro to Boxing –  Want to learn to throw some punches? Interested in learning some self-defense skills? Want to get fit while hitting things and people? Learn from a pro! Sabina will share her knowledge of boxing while giving you a great workout!

***Notice a sweat theme? That’s how we roll in Nicaragua! It’s impossible not to sweat here, but it’s good for you! Sweating helps clear your skin’s pores, remove toxins, increase blood circulation, kill viruses and bacteria, and relieve stress! (Source: Mercola) Bring a towel to class (or we have them here for sale) and GET SWEATY!