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Private Boxing Training

Fight Club Gym San Juan del Sur Nicaragua

Fight Club Gym San Juan del Sur Nicaragua

We wouldn’t be a Fight Club Gym if we didn’t have boxing training, now would we?!?

Don’t think that boxing is for you? Think again! Boxing is a total body workout with several physical, mental, and even emotional benefits! Boxing helps you get toned while enhancing your cardiovascular endurance. It improves your overall body strength and helps in making your bones denser, therefore helping in preventing osteoporosis. Boxing also decreases stress by acting as an outlet for everyday anger and frustration. Last but not least, boxing helps you develop important and possibly lifesaving self-defense skills!

Our excellent Boxing Coaches, Don Luis and Carlos, will teach you proper boxing techniques in a fun and friendly setting. We train people of all ages and abilities. Bring a friend (or someone you don’t really like) and learn how to punch each other! For more information about Private Boxing Training contact us via Facebook Messenger, or drop into the gym to schedule a class!

Find your inner Rocky!

Boxers of all ages are welcome in the ring!