Wes Staton is a Crossfit Level 2 trainer, founding Yellowstone Crossfit (Billings, MT, USA) in 2011. After selling to 5 trainers, Wes relocated his family of 4 to SJDS. In addition to his Level 2, Wes is Crossfit Olympic certified, Crossfit Power Athlete certified, Crossfit Nutrition certified, and has been to several specialty courses and camps. He has experience coaching all levels of athletes from competitive Crossfitters to individuals over 60 trying to improve their lifestyle. His coaching took him to USAW Olympic Youth Nationals in Austin, TX last year, and he has had several athletes reach the qualifying stage as Masters Athletes.

A return Peace Corps volunteer who served in Peru, Wes is a fluent Spanish speaker and conducts his classes in English and Spanish.

Aside from his wife and two kids, Crossfit is his passion, competing in several local competitions and Olympic weightlifting meets.

“I loved the community of my old gym, but not the ‘rat race.’ My family of four moved to San Juan del Sur to enjoy more time together while exposing my two sons to different language and culture.”