Chris Madden

Fight Club Gym San Juan del Sur Nicaragua

Chris is from Vancouver, Canada. In his previous life he held many jobs, mostly in construction, but his most recent one before leaving Canada for good was pirate! Arg!

Before he landed in San Juan del Sur, Chris was travelling south from Vancouver with his wife and his dog, searching for a place to start over. His original plan was to spend only a few weeks in SJDS, to rest from the months on the road and enjoy the beach a bit, but he fell in love with San Juan and never left!

Chris has been surfing, boxing and riding motorcycles for over 20 years. Besides being part owner of the Fight Club Gym, he also owns a very successful Motorcycle Rental business called El Gringo’s Rentals.

I just really love San Juan del Sur. The town is beautiful, the people are really nice, and there’s a real sense of community here that you don’t get everywhere!